Explore the Beauty of Trans Ceram

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Travel
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Teluk Elpaputih

WHEN I visited Masohi, one of the main city on the island of Ceram, Maluku, I had the opportunity to drive one of the main road in the largest island of province of Maluku: Trans Ceram. The highway was built to support the economy and also a major transportation road on the island around the island of Ceram, connecting from one city to others. From the port city of Amahai (one access to the city of Ambon), to the city of Masohi, then drove a motorcycle through a longroad westward called Trans Ceram.
The views of the variety of trees and hills scenery,also the fresh air that I breathe, I really like the new experience to enjoy the beauty of natural vegetation and geographical island of Seram. On the way, I saw local people’s houses, I also went through a lot of bridge with great river under that supposedly full of water only when it rains. In addition, the spread of palm and cocoa treas shape a unique of landscape that I had never seen before. Not only that, Durian traders sometimes can be found on the roadside. They sell durians of Ceram island which is famous for the thick meat, fragrant, and also fresh plucked from the tree, so the price is very cheap if the season arrives.

Salah Satu Jembatan Trans Seram yang Melewati Sungai

Pulau Saparua di Kejauhan

More to the west, we enjoyed the view of the Elpaputih bay with calm waves and white sands clearly visible through the clear water. At the horizon, I could see the ‘satellite’ of Ceram island such as Saparua and Haruku in the distance. When my friends and I were resting on the side of the road, right next to Elpaputih bay, the feeling of soft sea breezes and sounds of the waves made the time running slow. Unfortunately, I had to go back to Masohi and not continued until the Piru city, where there is a port city provides large transportation to Ambon and other islands. But that night, I took time to buy up a lot of durians sold cheaply in the City of Masohi. : D




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